The Journey to Mindfulness Continues

It seemed like a simple exercise. Registered Family Counselor Ichel Alignay asked the participants of Mommy Mundo’s Mindful Mom Re-Treat to take out their bottles of hand sanitizer. Like clockwork, the moms spritzed the product onto their hands and were done in mere seconds. Ichel asked the moms to spritz on the product again, but this time with more mindfulness. She asked them to smell the scent of the product and feel its texture by massaging it onto their hands. And the moms were thoroughly amazed at how a simple routine can make them feel so good when done mindfully.


Ichel sharing her words of wisdom to the mommy participants

all smiles at mindful mom re-treat

Here, moms realized how a simple routine could make them feel good if they practice mindfulness


Let it go, says Ichel of things hindering moms from achieving their desires and goals


Moms diligently answering their worksheets

breathing exercises at mindful mom re-treat

Urban Ashram Founder Maricar Holopainen talks about the importance of breathing properly

breathing exercises at mindful mom re-treat

Doing some breathing exercises

mindful mom re-treat

Learning about mindfulness is fun!

A community event focused on refreshing, re-energizing, and re-centering modern mamas, the Mindful Mom Re-Treat not only leads moms towards being more mindful of their thoughts, words, and actions, it also gives them a more insightful knowledge of themselves, allowing them to identify the things most important to them as well as the factors hindering them from achieving their life goals.

The second Mindful Mom Re-Treat took place at Earth Kitchen in BGC last May 28, 2016 with the help and cooperation of various partners including Caltrate Plus, Pampers, and Belo Baby. Mommy participants took home an exclusive bag made by Monogram Style PH filled with goodies from Botanicals in Bloom, Photobook, Urban Ashram, The Brow Studio, Fisher Price, National Bookstores, Morrison, Mommy Treats, Bio-Oil, Clearascar, and Sfera.

mommy mundo content head jing lejano sharing her experience of mindfulness

Mommy Mundo Content Head Jing Lejano sharing her journey towards mindfulness

bone screening from caltrate plus at mindful mom re-treat

Caltrate plus offered bone screening to the participants

mindful mom re-treat goodie bag contains all of these treats

The Mindful Mom Re-Treat bags were filled with these goodies 

mindful mom re-treat sponsors

Some of the Mindful Mom Re-Treat’s sponsors

mindful mom re-treat sponsors

These brands helped the BGC run of the Mindful Mom Re-Treat come to life

mindful mom re-treat sponsors belo baby, pampers, and caltrate plus

The Mindful Mom Re-Treat’s sponsors: Belo Baby, Pampers, and Caltrate Plus

pampers at mindful mom re-treat

Pampers, one of the valued sponsors of the Mindful Mom Re-Treat

mindful mom re-treat

Moms with their goodie bags and samplers from Pampers

Mindful Mom Re-Treat wins a gift from Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil gave away a couple of gift packs

Mindful Mom Re-Treat participant wins a gift from Belo Baby

A mommy participant wins a gift pack from Belo Baby

Mommy Mundo Mindful Mom Re-Treat

The ladies of the morning session

Mindful Mom Re-Treat Mommy Mundo

All smiles after the afternoon session




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