#TeamMom: Sisters’ Huddle

As Expo Mom celebrates its tenth year, the longest running event of its kind pays tribute to #TeamMoms that have served as a lifeline for mothers all over the Philippines. Here, women who connected with each other in a retreat came to enjoy the fruits of an answered prayer.

It was an answered prayer. During a women’s retreat last October 2016, female members of the Light of the World community asked for an avenue where they can share their challenges, victories, and other concerns. Because women, especially the married ones, have very complicated roles in balancing career and household, rearing up children, and supporting their husbands, they thought of how they can support each other. This is how the Sisters’ Huddle came about.

Meeting each other every second Wednesday of the month, Chelo Fortich says, “Each sister is assigned to facilitate the meetings by turns. We leave it to her creativity and love for us on how she will handle the huddle. Along the way, we discover new things about our sister facilitators and among us joining the huddle.”

With the desire to get to know God in a personal way, Chelo explains, “We are hoping to provide a prayerful group that would support each woman on her needs as a mother, daughter, wife, and sister. We aim to share each one’s gift of unique talents, unique strategies in handling life at home and even personal life, and aiming to be happy in the roles we play so we could each be a brighter light at home and a more supportive wife to our husbands.”

The Wednesday meetings have not only been supportive and encouraging, they have also been refreshingly life-giving.

Fe Lesula says, “Sisters’ Huddle has been an inspiration to me. I consider it my family!”


A common saying says, ‘No man is an island.’ It is also true that ‘no woman is an island’ with all that we do and are expected to do. Whether we are entirely at home or working or into business, we have the role as a light in our household, a helpmate to our husbands, a supportive sister to our friend. In doing all these heartily, we could experience compassion fatigue. So before it comes to that, let’s huddle! Unwind. Chat. Be refreshed to start a new day with much enthusiasm and vibrance,” says Jenny Ugat.

Christine Cagulada says, “Sisters’ Huddle is my ultimate support group. They stick with me through good and bad times. It is through them that I learn from experiences shared. I always have listening ears whenever I have concerns that only women understand.”

Our relationship with one another is deeper than being friends. We are sisters in Christ so we not only encourage one another, we also pray for each other. Being a member of a #TeamMom gives us the assurance that we have each other’s back and that someone is praying for you,” says Mabel Siojo.

Nikki Mendoza adds, “They steer me towards the right direction, get me back on track, and cheer on at the finish line. It’s great to always have someone that knows exactly what you are going through.”

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