Have a Spooktacular, Stress-Free DIY Halloween

If you’re a mom on-the-go, you might have just realized that Halloween is next week! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve just finalized your Trick or Treat plans or simply haven’t had the time to think of your child’s costume, here is a list of easy Halloween costumes that you can put together with a little craftiness, love, time, and effort.

These simple, clever costumes can be made with items found around your house, with the exception of a few easy-to-find things. So you can rest easy knowing you can save money for your much needed me-time.

Idea #1: Clark Kent

This is so easy! Find a Superman shirt—the one with the Superman logo in the middle, then all you need are black frame eye glasses, a white button-down shirt, a tie, and jeans or black pants. Wear the Superman tee inside the button-down shirt and leave it open, exposing the letter “S”. Put the tie in a dishevelled way, tuck it all in, and cap it off with the fake eye glasses. Voila – you have an instant super hero!

Idea #2: A Minion

Yellow shirt, denim overalls, black gloves, and a yellow hat. Your son can now be a minion. For the minion eyes, use white cardboard to make two, big round pieces with a hole in the middle. You can use a pair of shades as frame for the cut-outs. Make it a family affair by turning Dad into Gru, and mom into Lucy Wilde. This would work well for a family with more than one child. The more Minions, the better!


Idea #3: Harry Potter

There’s no spell needed to make Harry Potter appear. For this look, the secret is finding a scarf (preferably striped maroon and yellow). You can dress up your tyke in khaki pants, white collared shirt, and a no-sleeve sweater. Finish the look with black glasses and Harry’s signature scar using black eyeliner.

Idea #4: Cereal Killer

For the boy with a sense of humor, this easy-to-make costume would be a hit. Find a long-sleeved, button-down shirt that you won’t mind saying goodbye to. Buy a few small boxes of cereals, and stick a disposable fork in each one, making it look like you “killed” the cereal box. Sew the boxes on front and back of the shirt, and sprinkle red paint all over to resemble blood spatter. Pair with dishevelled hair, and you have your cereal killer.

Idea #5: Cat Lady

Somewhat similar to the cereal killer costume, the cat lady involves a little sewing skills—just a little. You need to buy a few small cat stuffed toys, then sew them all over a bathrobe. Then, dress your child like she just got out of the shower. Top off the look with a shower cap and eye glasses. You can also skip the cats and go straight to the freshly showered look.

Idea #6: Dolphin Trainer

If you really have no time to make a costume, then you might want to dress up your child as a dolphin trainer. The basics for this look are a long-sleeved rash guard and cycling shorts. A wet suit would work too. Have your child wear a whistle around her neck and give her a pail to carry. Have fun decorating the pail with fish cut-outs made from art paper. But the costume is not done yet! Find a hula hoop and a dolphin stuffed toy. Carefully tie string on the dolphin and make it hang from the hula hoop, as though it was jumping through the hoop. Blow the whistle, and put on a show!

Idea #7: Jelly Fish

Have you seen those clear, transparent umbrellas you can buy in malls and convenience stores? Get one! The umbrella will be the jelly fish’ body. You will also need white cartolina and black art paper to make the eyes, and strips of different colored crepe paper and ribbon for the tentacles. Cut-out two huge white circles—you can trace a plate if you want, and two small black circles. Paste the black circles on top of the white circles to make the eyes.  After sticking the eyes on the umbrella, stick the crepe paper and ribbons around the edges so that they resemble jelly fish tentacles. As for your child, a white puffy dress would complete the look. Have her hold the umbrella low, covering her face. She’ll be swimming in candy all night long.

Idea #8: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

To achieve Mavis’ vampy look, you just need a black mini dress, black stockings, and red sneakers. That’s it! Get out your flat iron to give your daughter Mavis’ signature fly away hair and finish off with smoky eyes and black lipstick.

Idea #9: Emoticons

If you’re dressing a few kids, you may want to dress them up as a bunch of emoticons. You will need black shirts, black tights, lots of yellow cartolina, and markers. The idea is to make big, round, yellow cut-outs, and draw emoticon expressions on each one. Once drawn, you can glue the emoticons to cardboard so they won’t fold-up. Then attach string around each one so they can be worn around the neck.

Idea #10: A Bag of Jelly Bellies

You will need a large, clear plastic bag, about 30 pieces of blow up balloons, and a print-out of the Jelly Belly logo. Cut two small holes for your legs and carefully step into the plastic bag. Fill the bag with balloons and carefully secure the top of the bag around your neck. You can pin the edges of the plastic bag near the shoulder and the collar. Stick the logo in the middle of your Jelly Belly bag, and there you have it!

Happy Halloween, mommies!

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