Move with Mindfulness

It’s been a year since Mommy Mundo started the Mindful Mom Re-Treat workshops. Since then, a lot of moms have taken the idea of mindfulness to heart, striving to be more purposeful of their thoughts, words, and actions. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what moms have to say about the Mindful Mom Re-Treat.


#mindfulmomretreat hangover. Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all.


Thank you @mommymundo for the fun afternoon. And because I am too “biba,” all out participation!


Lightbulb moment on being a mom with #selflove


Happy to be spending my Saturday afternoon here at @mommymundo’s Mindful Mom Re-Treat. It is good to slow down, reflect, and see how we are doing as moms. Are we stressed? Trying to meet society’s standards? Glad to hear ideas on how to let go of certain ideas that may just be crippling us.


Thank you, Lord, for our first mommy date afternoon edition at @mommymundo’s Mindful Mom Re-Treat… The retreat was very refreshing. I loved the part about letting go of some things that are not really helping you at the present moment. We even sang a part of the Let It Go song. LOL So many eye-opening statements. Thank you @mommymundo.


Sorry to be flooding your feed! #sorrynotsorry Here are just some of my favorite mommy hacks that we learned from this afternoon’s #mindfulmomretreat. Mothers are naturally rigged to be caring but what do you do to care for yourself? What are your perfect imperfections that you have to work on accepting?


“The route to being a mindful mom is self-care. Mindfulness is really about understanding yourself in all that you think, feel, and do. It is actually being able to know yourself as your own person, as a mom and partner and not being carried away by life or motherhood duties.” #mytakeaway #amustforallmoms #mindfulmomretreat


I can’t believe I just made the first step to fullness. It is such a liberating experience to undergo “The Mindful Mom” process. Can’t wait to be whole and complete again. #mindfulmom


Want to take the journey towards mindfulness? Join the Mindful Mom Re-Treat on January 28 at Earth Kitchen in Bonifacio Global City.


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