Prenatal Accessories

Belly Armor

Maternity blanket and accessories to protect your child against everyday radiation from cellphones, laptops and other sources

Available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza, Babyland-Shaw Blvd, Babyland-Eastwood, Babyland-Festival Mall
0917-8473739, 0920-9500358
Belly Belt for Mommy Matters

Belly Belt for Mommy Matters

0917-8973490, 514-7173
Simple Bundles of Joy

Offers Upsie Belly and Belly Bandit

0922-8222482, 964-9022

Snug-A-Hug is a special pillow used primarily by expecting and nursing mothers. It can also help correct sleeping posture and aid mommies in their active mommy duties like nursing, changing, and other activities.